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We love creating productive organizational contexts.
We believe that the experimental learning formula enables people to absorb complex business subjects. Starting from themselves they will be able to express their potential at the best.

The Just Like Me® Experiential Training programs combine Neuroscience, Mindfulness, Emotional Intelligence and executive strategies to vehicle leadership into the management of the employees working stress.

Neuroscience, mindfulness, executive strategies and emotional intelligence


Neuroscience studies show that training the attention helps physical and psychological wellness of the individuals, increasing concentration, resilience, empathy and creativity.

Emotional intelligenceEmotional Intelligence

It is the part of our intelligence that enables to express authentic leadership, successful performances and wellness at all the levels.


Mindfulness teaches how to be conscious, accepting ourselves and working on the emotional intelligence, in order to gain more consciousness on one’s capacities and potentialities.

Executive strategyExecutive strategy

The experiential work consists in leading the main managerial subjects allowing employees to internalize the business strategy.

Creativity, authentic leadership and consciousness

The Just Like Me® Experiential Training programs are experiential courses based on the individual and meant to grow one’s consciousness and potentials, authentic leadership and creativity predicting inattention, work related stress and conflicts.

Why choose the Just Like Me® programs?

To reach at the individual level:

• focus and concentration
• resilience
• creativity
• empathy
• productivity
• optimism
• body and mind wellness

To facilitate the working management improving:

• leadership
• working stress management
• motivation
• team communication
• goals

To make organizational context:

• focused
• happily productive
• people oriented
• emphatic and communicative
• strategy aligned
• loyalty

If we did all the things we are capable of, we would literally astound ourselves

Thomas Edison
Mindfulness based instructor and senior business trainer

Marzia Del Prete

If I have seen further is by standing on the shoulders of giants

Isaac Newton

Creator of the Just Like Me® Experiential Training program, Founder & CEO of Abigail srl. Marzia is graduated in Economic Studies from the University of Luiss Guido Carli in Rome, with a Master in Marketing and Communication and ICT (Information and Communications Technologies). She was Junior Brand Manager and Product Manager both for P&G Canada and for H3G Italy. She worked as strategy consultant for the Group Value Partners and for Deloitte Consulting. She is specialized in business strategy, product, project and program management. For years she has conducted managerial studies and researches on the field of the Neuroeconomics. She has investigated on the new frontiers of the experiential training for the personal development as a base to increase managerial skills, leadership and individual social responsibilities within the organizations. She has experience as university teacher on business administration, leadership and management subjects. She is a certified Mindfulness Based Instructor.

She is the President and the Founder of Mom&Woman Onlus, a non-profit Italian association that wants to sustain the women’s leadership in the public and private organizations.